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Introducing Allostatix
Conquering the Crisis


Allostatix is the creator of the Allostatis Risk Prediction System (ARPS™), a scientific analysis tool which measures the cumulative impact of daily life stresses on an individual’s whole body health. ARPS™ uses neural networks to transform health data into actionable knowledge to predict disease and premature death in healthy people, 3-5 years in advance.

We base our service on proven medical science and price it competitively. More important, our system is 25-40% more accurate than the 25 year old technology used in today’s health risk assessments; lowering health care costs and improving our customers’ profitability.

Allostatix was established in March 2007 by a partnership of four: Gordon Horwitz, a successful entrepreneur; Dr. Ken Rothe, a PhD who has taught at the graduate level and published in the areas of health services research; Robert Ludke, a PhD Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for the Study of Health and a Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Cincinnati; and Penny Friedman, an attorney and founder of a consulting and management firm.

Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of a team industry-leading research MD’s and PhD’s from UCLA, Rockefeller University, University of Pittsburgh and the University of Cincinnati.