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Welcome to Wellvibe. Simply put, Wellvibe is an employee engagement tool. It is a web-based application that can respond to the different needs of each user. Individuals can complete wellness activities that help provide a better understanding of their health and healthcare coverage. Completed activities put employees on a path to controlling health care costs. As circumstances change, so do the activities.

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A productive, healthy workforce

You want a productive, healthy workforce. You want to be strategic in your approach to the rising costs of healthcare. You want to be able to focus on what you got into business to do in the first place.

You tried ‘wellness.’ You need Wellvibe.

Wellvibe creates the ability to be HIPAA compliant while creating a customized experience based on age, gender, biometric results, and more. It means being able to implement strategic healthcare plans without the hassle of added administrative costs. It means partnering with an American Heart Association Worksite Innovation Award Winning tool that major medical carriers have embraced.

So what are you waiting for? Feel the vibe!


With rising health care costs distracting business owners from focusing on other aspects of their business, Wellvibe allows employers to create and implement strategic, clinically and consumer driven health care plans that impact their bottom line.

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Wellvibe Innovations

At Wellvibe, innovation provides answers to the questions... "What if you could significantly IMPACT medical trend... through simplification and meaning?", "What if wellness stopped being warm and fuzzy... and started being meaningful and measurable?" Watch our latest video to learn more.

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